Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Kitchen Utensils My Faves

In our house cooking takes up a lot of my time. Even more so over the past year. The fact that we moved to more vegetarian meals added more time. Finding new recipes. Investigating techniques. Adding lots of new spices to my arsenal.

 This Danish dough hook is so simple but effective. Cookie dough, meat loaf, thick mixtures for casseroles. This baby gets it done with much less stress to the hand. The thick handle & sturdy metal loops allow you to cut through stuff like a dream.

I needed a flat meat pounder. I use it on chicken quite a bit. This one has been perfect.

While making my Mojo I thought this would be better than using the side of a knife to whack garlic cloves. It is does an amazing job with little effort & no chance of slicing my hand.


 If you want to smash garlic get a meat pounder.


I'm always on the hunt for utensils that make my life in the kitchen easier. Not electric gadgets. I rather use my own power. I find slicing & dicing meditative. Do you? 

I've wanted a scale for some time. Finally came up with this one
It fits the bill for measuring pasta, beans, whatever is in the recipe 
that goes by weight. The "tare" feature really helps. I can also use this scale
for my fiber creations that I need to mail.

It's a small thing but a big upgrade from the old cheap hardware store brush
I used to use. The bristles are natural & don't fall out. the handle is curved so when you lay it n the counter the oil doesn't slop all over.

Finally got a grinder. I buy all my spices in bulk & like grinding them as I need them.
So much fresher & more pungent. Of course it will do coffee as well.

I have sung the praises of my zester before. Nothing smells better that
lemon & lime zest. Grating a block of Parmesan cheese is another constant.

I requested a nice large roasting pan for Christmas. 
My newer vegie lasagne recipe as well as some other dishes needed more room 
than the good ole Pyrex 9 X 13. 

Have you indulged in any new kitchen items as you have cooked more at home?
What's in your cupboard?


  1. Kitchen utensils ... it always makes me think of Ninja Turtles:The Big Baddy: You may call me Shredder. Rafael: A kitchen utensil?
    I love your Danish dough hook, and have one just like it (I am Danish).
    You just can't live without a grinder ... or several! All our grinders are of the hand held variety. We have a coffee grinder, a spice grinder and a meat grinder that also grinds dry bread and other bit things. And like you I like non-electric kitchen utensils, and old fashioned ones at that. I go much hunting in second hand stores for kitchen utensils.
    The only thing that's always electric is my scale. It's like yours used for cooking, fibre fun and then for soaping, which needs very accurate measurements.

  2. I just love kitchen gadgets so we already have a fairly well stocked kitchen. Although, I love your basting brush. The curved handle sounds perfect. Maybe I'm not as well stocked as I thought! Weekends In Maine


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