Thursday, April 15, 2021


Magnets are my storage friends. These little guys are great.
Take up little space but hold numerous sheets of paper or 
heavier paper stock on a surface.
 My metal shelving unit is magnet friendly. Found these with interchangeable  
hook sizes that screw into the base. Now they are in the garage & studio. 


 If I punch holes in stuff I can hang them on the hooks. Or add a large paper clip & hang that.
 I like to have things I use constantly close & available.
Sponges & gloves for painting, printing, stenciling. 

In the Kitchen. Got this magnetic bar last winter. 
So nice to get the big wood block off the counter.

On the chest freezer in the garage. 
Who doesn't have loads of reusable bags...
that we can't use right now. Sigh.

Finally got the walking poles away from the front door.

Telescoping magnet. Black handle on the right. 
Extended below. It was in my Dad's tools.
Glad I kept it!

Comes in real handy when you drop a needle or pin either behind something, 
or you can't find it. Sweep that baby & you can pick it up.

Finally. I follow a blog called "The Magnet". 
In the words of the author:

A weekly newsletter of tips, recommendations of things that interest me, things I've learned, recipes, quotations, and more.

You can get a paid subscription (of course) but I just read the blog. 
Given the title I thought it appropriate to mention. 



  1. We bought a "stainless steel" fridge three years ago and I was mighty disappointed when I discovered (after it was installed) that magnets won't stick to the front of the doors!!! They'll stick to the sides, but the fridge is positioned in an opening with walls on both sides of it (so no access to the side of the fridge). I need to get a magnetic board in my office.

  2. Those are great hooks! Oh, Trudy! How disappointing! I'd hate to be without a magnet-able 'fridge!

  3. I've actually never done a lot of storage or organizing using magnets although it makes sense. Those hooks seem especially useful. I also have a telescoping magnet which has saved us on more than one occasion. Weekends In Maine

  4. I love my magnetic knife bar. And I found those hooks are brilliant on a cruise ship as all the walls are metal so you can create extra storage space in those tiny cabins.


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