Monday, January 21, 2019

Random Library Picks

I love my local library. TADL
Traverse Area District Library. It's a wonderful space to go hang out.
I get virtually every book I read for fun or education from them.
Why buy when you can borrow?

This past year I have created a new ritual on my visits. I go to the stacks where the art, garden, & other creative books live & choose a book at random with a spine that grabs my attention,
or a subject matter of interest. 
Here is a sampling of what I found that amazes me.

Never heard of the Campana Brothers. A design force duo from Brazil. What grabbed me was the cover. A huge book with a bright orange cover with actual embroidery through the book board.
Be still my book binding heart!

"Inspired by Brazilian street life and carnival culture, the Campana Brothers combine found everyday objects - such as scraps of wood and furry toys - with advanced technology to create a vibrant, energetic and specifically Brazilian approach to design."

Their stuff is wild wacky & very interesting.

Check out the links for a trip down their rabbit hole of design.

On to a more controlled choice.

In my struggles to create good proportions in my dolls  this would have come in handy.
 Every body part for men, women & children of varying ages is broken down.
 Just love how the older bodies have guts on them. The truth hurts.
 Graphically it's a fun book to leaf through.

Lastly my favorite of these random selections. A stunner. Seeds.

Up close (very close) views of all sorts of seeds.
Many we encounter every day others more obscure.
Mother nature is an amazing gal. The geometry & intricacy in the images is beautiful.
Lots of fodder for my natural stencil designs.

 There is a newer version as well.

Hoping to find this one at TADL too.

Thanks for joining me on an aimless walk through the stacks. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Canvas Creations Continue

It's been awhile. Long grey fall in Northern Michigan. 
Good time to get back in the studio and start painting, stenciling, sewing and sharing. 

Wanted a new vessel to hold all the paper recycling in the dining room.
Working bigger was one of my thoughts & this fit the bill. 
Thinking about a series of nesting bins in a larger size. What do you think?

Been talking to a local business about having some of my things in their store.
That resulted in developing a box to hold knitting patterns, cataloges, & magazines.
Below is the prototype.


First step is always deciding what color to mix and paint the background.  

Then create a pattern to get the dimensions I want. 

I'll be honest. I agonize over what images to add, what colors to use, when to stop!  
Do I match the edges or do a random pattern?


 Matching is more challenging and time consuming, but I like the outcome.


  Adding lids to most of my boxes makes them feel more substantial.

The little bag I use to hold my cloths pins (one of my favorite tools) is a
favorite & I've decided to make several more. They will be added to my Etsy shop soon.  

Here is current version  ready to be stitched.

The other piece of the puzzle is to organize my patterns
 and get more detailed in my directions so I don't have to reinvent the wheel 
when I haven't done one in awhile. 

Remembering to label EVERYTHING is a goal. Once you get lots of pieces of fabric for several projects it can get dicey. Clothespins, a fine tip sharpie and masking tape are my friends.