Wednesday, April 21, 2021


S is for Spools. I have quite a collection. 
My plan is to soak the labels off then submerge them in a rust water bath. 
That's how these cloths pins got their weathered look. 

For now they live in this "pod" that hangs in the studio.

I've seen some fun artsy projects with spools.

These card holders might come in handy

I like the idea of adding imagery to them. 

I have a collection of these. Spools of another sort.
I use them to wind yarn.

The spent plastic spools from all the thread I go through 
comes in handy to wind embroidery floss from it's original skein. 

How do you organize your "stuff"? Or don't you?


  1. I love the card holders, cute way to upcycle spools!

  2. I love wooden spools, which I so seldom see anymore. My mother had so many. We made a teething toy for my oldest son with them! Not without supervision of course, homemade as it was! Using them for embroidery floss is a great idea. We know how that stuff tangles.
    My stuff is unorganized.

  3. I finally came up with a happy solution for organizing my embroidery floss. I wrap the floss around old art slides, then arrange them in slide protector sheets, then put all the sheets in a binder. Works great! ALL the colors in one place.

  4. I love the stamped imagery on the spools. That is beautiful. Weekends In Maine


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