Monday, January 30, 2017

Belated Happy New Year!

 Here we are at the end of January. This is a bit tardy but wanted to share my latest ATC swap. 
2017, Bring It On!

I played with Golden Heavy Body medium mixed with black acrylic paint to see
 what kind of result I might get. 

 Adding some Viva Inka Gold "wax" to show off the texture. It comes in a rainbow of colors, may have to get some others.

The red background was put on first with my favorite grid creator, hardware cloth. I use a stencil brush for the application of paint. Originally found in the man cave, I have several pieces cut to different sizes for different projects. One is the size of my journal pages so I can have a good background 
for writing in a snap. 

I have some good old fashioned stencils I used to apply the paste. That was a little messy & time consuming as each number had to dry before the next could be added. 

Given the strange year we are faced with, and the fact I'm retiring from my day job in April, I decided the cards needed one more thing. Bring It On! was printed on some old book pages and added for contrast & to let everyone know I'm up for the challenge.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Line 'em Up

    Here are the pictures I promised of the finished fabric pods.  Free stitching to enhance the fabric design was the most fun. 
There is a fair amount of hand stitching required, which can sooth the busy mind.  Here is the pattern you can purchase for upload. 





This post is a test. I found an app for posting from my iPad since the Blogger app was shut down awhile back.  
Using the site on the iPad proved ineffectual. Blogger Touch is the name.  We will see what I think once posted. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Little Obsessions

I have lots of them, obsessions, but this is the one that has gotten me through some recuperation at the moment. Winding thread, yarn, & bakers twine. I have no idea how I ran across this instructional video on winding a skein of yarn. One look & I was hooked. 

I purchased a rainbow of bakers twine from The Twinery some time ago. I use it in the kitchen as well as for book binding and other projects. The larger balls are Candlewicking thread I have had literally for decades.

One of the pods I obsessed over earlier & blogged about is the perfect container for my little tightly wound balls of softness.

This was the first pod I completed. I will get pictures of the others up soon. I used fabric I'm in love with from a dye class so  they need to be shared.

Friday, January 6, 2017

It's in the Bag

My little stenciled bag is done. I will change the shape on the next one. I'd like a more rectangular shape, then the pattern form Jen Hewitt, or a less steep curve.  Her instructions in the video on Creative Bug were great.

Enjoyed doing a lining I haven't done a zipper in years! 

Dig out the bead box and found this lovely that goes perfectly with the ochre stencil. A little waxed linen thread a couple little beads to hold the knot & done!