Friday, September 8, 2017

I'm a Bag Lady

I can't help myself. Paint on fabric that becomes little bags. It's my thing right now.

Background layer.

The thought process of what colors, imagery, & in what order is what sucks me in. 
Then the decision of when to stop has to be made. 

Titan Buff ovals were the final layer. 

 This card from a friend was my inspiration.

  This little book is so helpful in mixing acrylics to get the color I have in my head. 

Although this book is for watercolor, it points me in the right direction. This is a 2007 edition. 
The link above is for a more current & inclusive edition for oil & acrylic. 

Then this happened.

 A new set of decisions to be made. 

I could have stopped here but couldn't resist the spiral I added seen in the finished bag.