Monday, April 26, 2021


Vulnerary  : used for or useful in healing wounds. 
From   I rely on this site when it comes to the A to Z Challenge. 

Seems fitting. An agent that helps heal wounds. I'm feeling a little beat up, how about you?

Above image is plantain. I see this stuff all over in the park I walk. 
I searched  Mother Earth News for vulnerary & boom, a rabbit hole to slip down. 
I had no idea Mother Earth News had such store of online  information. 
Had a subscription back in the 70's.

"This divine herb has a multitude of properties. It’s a potent skin-cell regenerative, 
 mucolytic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, circulatory stimulant, vulnerary, antioxidant, 
antifungal, analgesic and deodorizing agent."

Reference for all kinds of herbs, preparations, uses. 

I enjoyed the ride on this topic. Totally unexpected word. 
 Let me know if you did a little poking around.

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