Monday, April 19, 2021

Purple Sweater



I do love Purple. I have had this yarn for close to 40 years. Not kidding. 
Have made & ripped out a couple things from it over time.
This one was a keeper. 
Another example of keeping my hands busy.

Ravelery is a site for knitting patterns and sharing progress 
on projects. Social media for knitters.
This is the Ramona sweater. 

Fairly simple pattern. My "old" yarn was perfect for this. 

I learned how to wet block  to finish this piece. Smooths everything out & 
you can adjust the dimensions to be more accurate. 

A happy girl with her new garment. 


  1. Your sweater looks beautiful. I've used vintage items before in my memory keeping projects. It adds another dimension to the project. How great that you had such colorful vintage yarn on hand. I love the purple. Weekends In Maine


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