Friday, April 30, 2021

Zena Hitz Authored a Book


 Ran across this book recommendation through The Hedgehog Review
One of the many sites I follow that seem a bit quirky. Which is what I like. Not the usual fluff.
In their words:
 The Hedgehog Review advances ideas rather than ideologies.
Z is always a struggle so when something crosses my bow I investigate.
Along came Zena Hitz. Two Zs! 

I looked for a review & found this from Open Letters Review.
I've asked for a copy from my state eLibrary site so I can leaf through.

Phew! Made it through another A to Z Challenge & didn't miss a day. 
Would love your feedback on what you like or don't like about my blog. 
I thoroughly enjoy it & the challenge gets me in a groove I find hard to sustain
on a regular basis. Guess I do better under pressure. 

Happy hunting out there!


Thursday, April 29, 2021

Y is for Yapok

This is a Yapok. Water Opossum.
Isn't it the cutest? he looks gleeful. I have been on the lookout for 
interesting creatures who's body structure would lend itself to 
paper clay critters. This one definitely has potential.

 Look at those hands/paws. I want to tackle those. 
As I look back on my "doll" file I've been fond of making them for years. 
Below are some of my favorites.
Apparently I'm no where near done.



This is what's on my table now. A cardinal.

Another fun pattern from Ann Wood. It will come with me on 
a little trip we are embarking on in a week. Lots of hand stitching 
to keep those hands busy

From Ann's site. 

Appears I took quite a detour from my opening. Hope you don't mind.

Y is another letter I struggled with for the A to Z challenge. 
I resort to searches. Found this site where my creature idea came from.

This is his hobby. Tons of great stuff to poke around & generate ideas.
If you go to the Dictionary of Obscure Words next to the About tab
you can select any letter & get a large list for any letter.
 "A thinking  place".  Nice "P" word.