Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Puff Piece

It's been awhile.  I think I suffer from travel hang over after returning from a big trip like the one we had to Alaska. Lots to absorb, pictures to sort & share. Memories to cement in the brain. Then there is work to catch up on. We've been home for six weeks and this is my first post.

It's fall in Northern Michigan. Maybe my favorite season. The colors are just beginning to show up in the trees. The clouds are completely different this time of year compared to the summer. Much more dramatic. The down side is the short days. Found these beauties on my neighborhood walking trail.

                                               So now it's time to get creative in the studio!

Wanted my ATC's for this months swap to honor our recent trip. I had already thought about doing something with a puffin.  At work I spotted an old Audubon Magazine (about 3 years old) on a table at work, it was the perfect inspiration...so I brought it home.

                                                     Simple but very recognizable.  

                            I created stencils for each of the body parts so I could use my Akua Inks.
                    I am in a space at the moment where I seem to be finding inspiration everywhere.
                                                   Hope I can keep that going for awhile!