Saturday, April 3, 2021

Color Complexity


 I went a little crazy awhile back saving color combinations to a Pinterest Board.  

Color is a key part of what draws me to just about anything. Art, food, fabric, flowers, homes, a book cover. Color mixing is a big component of my fiber art. I talk a bit about it in this post.   


Just got this book from my state library resource. 

The author is an expert in historic paint colors. Full of his research, the chemistry of old colors,interiors of historic buildings he's consulted on. Images of old color wheels are beautiful. 

These are just 2 of them. Now that I have names to go with the charts  I can look them up.

The book made it's way to me from my alma mater. The marbled end sheets are nice too. 

My go to book for getting what is in my minds eye with my acrylic paints. I have the knack for seeing a color & being able to go match up a paint chip or thread or whatever from memory. 

I wonder is there is a test for that ability?


This popped into my email this morning. Black is interesting.

White is all colors combined. That's why when you break white down you get a rainbow.  

Black is the absence of color. Getting black by mixing colors is a great exercise. 


My local food co op posted recipes to naturally dye your Easter eggs. 


Then there's  Pantone...don't get me started. 

How do you notice color in your world?



  1. I have some books about color, for quilting and fabric use. I even took a class for playing with fabrics and values, tints, shades, color combo, and so on. Very interesting.
    Quilting Patchwork & Appliqué

  2. That top book looks like one to buy. I have used color wheels for poured acrylic painting. Your paint color memory might be a form of synesthesia?

    My A2Z for the day is here:

  3. When my children were children, they were home schooled. I taught a science class to other families, and the kids were so amazed all the colors made white! We colored on white circles of 3x5 card weight, poked a short sharpened (golf?)pencil in the center, and spun them like a top. They actually showed white! A Newton Wheel. That leaf is amazing.

  4. I'm actually experiencing color overload right now. I am painting a family home - every single room - and am covered in different color paint every weekend. I also painted my Dad's new apartment but that was only three rooms, so three colors (but in one day). I love color but there may just be a little too much of it in my life right now. I've never tried color mixing though. Maybe when I recover from painting all these walls, I can have some fun playing with color. Weekends In Maine

  5. I would love to be proficient at mixing and matching colour - but I am colour blind so it is a skill I am never going to be good at.

    1. Oh dear! So you are better than most at contrast.

  6. I visited an architecturally beautiful home, but the owners had decorated only in gray, white, and natural wood. They did a great job of including various textures, but my eyes were so hungry for color, I could hardly wait to leave!

    1. My son & dtr in law are all grey white & dark blue everywhere. Keep wanting to give them display items in bright yellow, red,anything colorful. Although I'm not in a hurry to leave.


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