Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Feathered Friends



Meet Clancy. I had a blast in an online class with Kathy Lewis. Fat & Happy Birds.

Lots of steps to create this guy. Learned a lot. I'm tickled with the way he turned out.
Newspaper wrapped with making tape is the substructure.
Paper Clay is a wonderful medium.
Easy to work, drys hard with no kiln. Sands easily.  

I borrowed the talon creation from my Dastardly Owl pattern from Ann Wood

Bird with human face was our first "bird" creature.

Strange but kinda cute. Those ears got away from me. The face is too small.

Clancy was a step up. 

I'd like to try a flamingo, maybe a turkey vulture. The sky is the limit. Pun intended.


  1. Clancy looks very cool. I can see why you'd want to try others.

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  2. Clancy is nothing short of adorable!

  3. These look very cool. I may have to check out paper clay - not that I need another medium to fool with.
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