Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Lucky Fish

I became a bit obsessed with making these little guys over the winter. Any car ride, 
TV show I didn't want to pay attention to, idle moment, I was stitching.  Going through 
fabric scraps, looking through buttons, matching up floss you get the idea.

Another pattern from Ann Wood. This was a freebie.
The possibilities are limitless on decoration. Making good use 
of the embroidery floss stash & scrap fabric bin.

Made myself a couple tools to help in the assembly.
For the tiny areas in the head & tail I made a stuffing tool from a big needle. 
Cut off the end so you have a little fork to grab the batting & twist it. 
Shoved the pointy end in a cork. Perfect.
Sharpened a small dowel to further coax stuffing into the right spots.

Size perspective. 

After accumulating so many I decided to give them to friends in sets of three. 

 They got to choose from the "bait ball".
Friends with a cabin on the Boardman River want me to make
several fish to be inside & out in front of this metal skeleton.
I have ideas of what they will look like. I figure about 15 fish should do the job.


Inside the cabin is this wonderful print. It may be my jumping off point 
for the consumed fish. 

What strange little thing occupied your time this past winter? 
I can't be the  only one who got caught up in something unexpected.


  1. How fun that skeleton is going to look with your beautiful little fishes in it's "belly".

    It's great how the same pattern can look so different. Each fish has their own personality.

    I've been crafting my way through the pandemic too.

    Weekends In Maine


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