Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Roll With It


Batttle cry for the last year. But we took it literally. 
I like things that roll easily in my studio as I move stuff around constantly
to have space for whatever I am currently working on. 
Hubby wanted to upgrade the wheels on my chair since they were a strange shape 
that didn't move well. So glad he did.

These roller blade type wheels allow me to fly from place to place.
A little scary at first, but I'm into it now.  They are quiet. 
The originals didn't pivot well & were noisy. 
I should do a video of me zooming across the floor.

Then I thought: wouldn't it be nice if my old trunk was on casters so I don't have to drag it around ? 
My husband loves a project so he was on it. Casters on the trunk. Done.
They all pivot & make the trunk another nice surface to pile stuff.  
It's all about the horizontal space with me.

I've had this table for awhile now. More casters. 
It's my go to work surface for many things.

I can roll out large amount of fabric for cutting, wet block a knitting piece,
  spread out any number of projects so all the pieces are together in front of me. 

I feel very fortunate to have a space like this for my wacky art life. 

Last caster upgrade.

A desk chair we've had forever. Old casters were plastic, didn't roll 
well on carpet, & would fall out of the legs lately.
There was hole plugging, redrilling & finesse involved here. 
Another fortunate thing. A husband who can fix or upgrade anything. 

What things in your life do you feel lucky to have?
What have you upgraded this past year?

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  1. Oh I can imagine you zooming across the room with your chair! I love wheels too ;) One day I will put some under my plants pots, as they are getting heavy.
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