Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Back in the Saddle

Happy New Year!  Let's get 2021 off to a good start. Getting back into blog posts are on the list.

     Oh my, I haven't posted since April 30, 2020! The end of the A to Z Challenge. Just couldn't muster the enthusiasm. But I'm back! ready to share the artful things that inspire me, keep me going,          cause me to obsess.  

Made a list of "things I did during Covid" in my journal so I could see I haven't been idle. The art community has been out in force sharing, teaching, encouraging, raging...  I will share my list and work through stuff I've created. Are you ready to join me? 

What have you done over the past year? What have you cooked? Where have you gone outside to feed your soul?  Did you make something fun, interesting, wacky, useful, beautiful, ugly?  What are your plans going forward?  I'm willing to share it all. Will  you?

                This is the first of many things I will share that have occupied my time                                      as well as what is on the list to do now.

             There is a virtual art exhibit at Crooked Tree Art Center I am proud to be a part of.                             The flip book turned out great. Please check it out & let me know what you think. 

Each Guild member was allowed 2 pieces. These are mine. 

                                            I plan to do the April A to Z again.                                                            That should get the fires started again to blog. 

    The first image is some of my MANY "Lucky Fish" I have been obsessed with  for quite awhile. It was a free pattern from Ann Wood. As I have a huge bin of scrap fabric & a large cache of embroidery floss it seemed the perfect thing to use up what I have on hand, which has been one of the themes in my creations over the past year. 

 I have now give them away in threes to friends.

It's a spawning ground in my studio.

Made my own little tool for stuffing the teeny tail corners. Snip off the end of a big needle stick the pointy end in a cork, voila, a stuffing tool as good as what you can buy. 

This guy is one of my favorites. Already given away, so I will make another. 

Some perspective on size. 

I took a few online courses. I will share my clay "Fat & Happy Bird" creations next time.