Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fashion Floss & Summer Fun

Fourth of July is coming. The perfect time to share this flag quilt 
that hangs in the airport in Bend Oregon. Here is my back story.


I purchased this book a few months back.  
Great inspiration for the fashion projects I want to start when I take a break from my vessels. Complete with patterns (you can see mine copied on newsprint behind the book), 
great tips on hand sewing, stencil designs, stitch examples & more.

I almost missed this quilt on the wall as I was leaving the airport on my recent Bend trip.
Serendipity ensured and I took a closer look as the technique looked familiar.

Sure enough, the card on the wall confirmed
the quilters had used Alabama Chanin for inspiration.
I adore the look & slow hand made quality of the work.

The huge stash of embroidery floss I was given by a friend
will come in handy for the hand stitched elements once I get started.

With doing so much sewing I have accumulated a pile of spent spools.
 Ran across a suggestion to use them for storing floss. Brilliant little idea. 
So much better that the clothespin method in the link above. Looks nice but a pain in the end.

Stylized rose is the latest stencil I've created & started using. 
Pictures of completed projects with this to follow. I could use this in an Alabama design.

 It's summer & the great lakes are gorgeous. 
The colors are amazing along the shore line. 
This is Waugoshance Point at the tip of the lower peninsula. 
A great place to hike and camp in old CCC cabins
We flew to Lake Superior for the day to the mouth of the Two Hearted River,
 made famous by Ernest Hemmingway.
The above shot was on our way back home.
Am I lucky or what? 

Friday, June 22, 2018

Art Rapids Finish Line

Art Rapids ends tomorrow. Final call to see lots of great art. 
 A "pop up store" was added this year. It worked out well. 
I sold 4 pieces there and one of my pieces at the library 


These are 2 that have found new homes. 

Kerry Bowes fiber art, also at the library is beautiful and functional.

 Loved the texture & colors in these ceramics by Barbara Van Pelt.

 Detail of a watercolor by Margaret Gutchess from Grand Ledge.  
The image shapes are cut and layered.

 Robert Park had several pieces in 2 locations. I was really taken with his style.

A newer distillery in Elk Rapids, Ethanology, was one of the venues. 
Such a funky vibe to the place. I'll be going back to do some tasting with friends! 

Been lots happening in my studio so there will be plenty available at the 
Peninsula Library Artist Market on July 21st.
  I'll share new designs & combinations as they evolve.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hang On!

 In my home & in the studio it's all about storage and visibility. This earring display lives in the bathroom on the wall. It's a riff on a jewelry case I saw on a DIY TV show years ago. Hardware cloth & an inexpensive frame from Kohl's. It's been with me for over a decade & I still love it.

 My penchant for peg board has been mentioned before. Things I use all the time in easy reach.

I have an order in with my handy husband to make me a pegboard display piece 
with hinges for upcoming art shows. Pictures to follow when completed.

When we redid an old dresser it freed up two long handles.  Hubby was able to marry old drawer pulls with the modern ones to mount these on the walls.

 Loads of room to hang all those fabric pods I made that hold "stuff".

Short & sweet today. It's summer & it's time for my morning walk in the park
 outside my door with neighbor. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Art Rapids Show June 9 to June 22

I'm excited to be in the #artrapids event again this year. In cute little Elk Rapids. Runs for 2 weeks beginning this Saturday June 9th to June 22nd.
 I have 5 pieces that will be displayed in the Library. A lovely spot!

My  pieces that will be on display are shown below.

If you choose to #experienceartrapids there will also be a pop up shop at 134 River Street  where many of the artists will have work for sale, yours truly included. These four will be available there.

 First image in today's post is the front view of this sweet little bag.

This one was made specifically to hold all those remotes lying around.

There are some great restaurants close by. Siren Hall right in the middle of town..
Pearl's just off the main drag. 

If you are in the area, or need a reason to visit, this would be a perfect time to head to Elk Rapids.