Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Erie Quartos


Erie Quartos Installation   Lake Erie Plastic, sewn Balloon thread, ink, woodcut, cutouts, shoe soles, with pulp painting and blowouts on handmade local Milkweed and Mitzumata paper, 73"x245", 2020.

(majority of materials are sourced from Lake Erie)
Above is official description of this art installation. 

Who hasn't been listening to virtual lectures, pod casts, random videos?

 The Morgan Conservancy is an organization founded from the world of hand made paper.
I signed up for a virtual art talk & walk through of the exhibit above by Timothy Frerichs, a Professor of Art in the Department of Visual Arts at SUNY Fredonia.
Living on the shores of Lake Erie he uses flotsam & jetsam in much of his work.

His talk was interesting, his process labor intensive. Yet another artist I admire.
The list is huge.

 How do you find the people you admire?  What have you been paying attention to?


  1. Beautiful work, looks like fingerprints ;) His aerial work is lovely.

  2. I've been listing to a lot of podcasts during the pandemic. I had started getting into them before COVID-19 hit and it's been an especially good outlet now. Interestingly, I haven't found a craft or creative based podcast yet. I'll have to check more of those ones out. Weekends In Maine


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