Monday, April 12, 2021

Jot It Down


 I always have pencil, pen & paper with me. Everywhere. You never know when you will hear a good book recommendation, a song you want to remember, an idea from something you see out & about, an image that hits you between the eyes. All fleeting, but you can capture them if you jot it down.

I follow Seth Godin's blog. One day last December this was his thought for the day.


An almost magical idea, a tiny little word, a chance to make it real.

If someone tasks you with carving something profound into a block of granite, the emotional overhead is probably too high to do our best work.

But if you simply want to jot something down, al you need is an iota, a tiny glimpse of what might work.

It turns out that just about all granite-worthy ideas begin as jots.

Simply jot.


It's that simple & brilliant. 



This is stream of consciousness writing I like to do. 

Compress it all and make it illegible. Don't lift  your utensil. Great way to do a brain dump if needed. 

None of us has had to do that lately right?  

Grab your favorite writing utensil, some paper, & let it flow.  


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  1. I love that stream of consciousness without lifting between words. It would release a lot that's been stored up. Just get it down and out.


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