Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This Years Valentines

Surviving a good ole fashioned winter here in Northern Michigan. It's zero this morning. Loads of snow so I'm a happy girl getting lots of cross country skiing in. Using an app my son told me about to track my distance and time. Nice way to keep motivated. It's called Run Keeper.

On to creative endeavors. Every year (almost) I create Valentines for a bunch of my "girlfriends". It gets me in the studio and I use these as a proving ground for techniques, tools, my skills.  I have to say I REALLY struggled with a. what to do, then b. the final approach to take. Since I got a new sewing machine less than a year ago I'm still learning and playing with it. So the mini quilts were born.

Every one is different, which is my usual way. Did loose water color hearts on muslin then doing free stitching where is seems pleasing for the quilting. 

One of my decisions, as I don't do "Resolutions", for the immediate future is to get more posts & pictures on this blog. Please subscribe so I know you are out there! 

Speaking of pictures. Going on a vacay in 3 weeks to the island of Vieques just off Puerto Rico. have decided to take only my iPhone as a camera. Going to use the Camera+ app. I have a tripod mount, your iPhone headphones toggle button can be used as a shutter release. I'll learn as I go & will post some (hopefully) wonderful shots. 

I've put a couple new links in the Interesting Things Category. A co workers son is on a wonderful adventure post grad school in Asia. weresthecrux? He is a terrific writer, way too smart. I'm going to love following his trajectory.  The other is the blog I discovered that led me to the Camera+ app.