Saturday, October 27, 2018

Look Down

Happy Autumn everyone.  It is my favorite season. perhaps it's the colors. I'm partial to 
reds & yellows to begin with. Ask anyone who has been in my house. 

The brilliant Staghorn Sumac fruit always grabs my attention this time of year. 
If you look closely the individual little nodules are beautiful in themselves. 

 So much beauty in my neighborhood park. You need to pay attention to the details 
and look down while you are walking. I just happened to spot these. 

They are pearlescent with some smokey sooty areas. I took loads of pictures of them.
Two days later they were liquefied. Glad I caught them at their prime. 
Thanks to a friend who saw my Instagram post of these I now know they are 

They are edible . Good to know. 

 A view from above on a flight to see the colors at their peak last week. 

These gorgeous lichen look like white roses. 

Now I need to get busy in the studio & put some of this inspiration to good use. 

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Where I've Been & What's Next?

London, Greece & Turkey. That's where.

The first stop on our trip was London to visit son & daughter in law who are 
living there for 2 years. Not a bad place to have family to visit!  

 The Tower of London was well worth a visit.
 Of course I found the giant book 
to scrutinize the binding technique. 

If you look closely you can see these animal sculptures are made from chicken wire. 

 Took a train ride to Cambridge and went "punting on the Cam". What a fun activity. 

Enjoyed lots of great food, wine & beer.  Isn't that what travel is all about? 

After a great visit with "the kids" we headed to Athens for 3 days of exploring. 
Greece is so chock full of history it's mind boggling. 

The view at night of the Acropolis from the rooftop of our hotel. 
We walked the Plaka of Athens endlessly. Just steps from our door the the wide pedestrian pathway that is loaded with shops, restaurants, & leads to the Acropolis, as well as other ruins of interest. 

We did a guided food tour for an entire day with our delightful guide Delloro. 
What's a food tour without some smiling pigs at the huge market? 


A group shot of our intrepid band of 3 couples who traveled Greece together,
 & our food guide on the far left.  

 The next day we toured the Acropolis and the stunning museum

After 3 packed days in Athens we boarded our Windstar ship for a week of port & island hopping. 

This is a shot from Ephesus. What an incredible UNESCO site. We had the privilege of seeing a performance of Carmina Burana in the theater on the site. Just think I was sitting on stone that once had the likes of Cleopatra in the audience. 

So many high lights from a great trip. 

The process of boiling silk cocoons. The first step to making a Turkish rug. 

Waiting for the best lunch ever on Patmos. 

My partner in all things waiting for the biggest piece of baclava we've ever seen,
 or eaten.  On Santorini

Not a bad way to travel the Aegean.  Our ship at anchor.

I could go on & on as this was such a nice trip with so many special moments. 

If you've made it this far in the post, I appreciate your time! As for what's next? That is what I am pondering greatly at the moment. Fall & winter are approaching and I am feeling aimless in the art realm. Doing lots of revisiting of old journals, inspirational magazine & books.


 One of my favorites for obscure fiber ideas. A UK publication, Selvedge

Good prompts to get things moving. 


Fun exercise from the book in contrast, negative space. Doing more of these.

When in doubt decorate pages in your journal & wait for something to surface. 

 A thought I've had about fiber sculptures. Make 'em big! 

 Words from Julien Smith.  I think I get it. But if we are in the act of copying in order to become more proficient at something aren't we automatically evolving? 
Hence the search for inspiration. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on this blog, the travel sharing, & the what's next conundrum.