Monday, January 13, 2020

Chess Anyone?

Ever since PBI last Spring I've had it on my artistic to do list to make some chess piece stencils.
My hubby & I have been playing chess a bit more lately during these long grey days.
It's a great game. Timeless. Have you played? 



We have this old book, part novel part chess strategy. 
My older son won it in elementary school at a chess tournament. 
The illustrations are wonderful.

This is my favorite Laura Wait image where she created her own version of chess pieces. 
She was one of my instructors.  Lots of inspiration was absorbed. 

 Love the metal pieces on the cover as well.

Working from an old wooden chess (2 opening images) I sketched my design. 

I folded them in half and retraced so they would be symmetrical. 

Cut them out of card stock for the stencils.

Trail run in my journal to see how they turned out.

Made some refinements.

Decided they would be my January Artist Trading Cards. 

I have loads of cards for my ATCs cut from cast off projects & experiments.
 Recycling at it's most obsessive. But that's how I roll.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Final Day to Sign Up for My Class in Jornaling

Today is the last day to sign up for my class at Crooked Tree Art Center in Traverse City. 
Link takes you right to registration.

We will embellish the covers to make them our own.

Experiment with water color & other techniques to make the pages worthy of your thoughts. 

Varied ways to attach items to the page for future reference will be demonstrated.

Add pictures, little pieces of art, thoughts, & dreams. Plus I think we will laugh some.

& remember:

 Similar to Steal Like an Artist.

Please sign up to join the fun & get 2020 off to a good start. 

Monday, January 6, 2020

Meet My New Friend


I've named him Whoratio. Couldn't help myself. 
This Dastardly Owl from an Ann Wood pattern was so much fun to create.

Taking advice from Austin Kleon, as I often do.

So here are some process pics and thoughts. 

Lots of hand stitching. Lots of layers. Fabric choices are key to 
his look, as are his talons & his eyes. I changed my mind on fabric for
 eyes & feathers several times. Being able to fray the edges is important.  

Ann's instructions for making the talons were perfect. I had all the supplies I needed
for every part of the project. Continuing my effort to use what I already have. 

Wasn't sure the eyes would turn out the way I wanted, taking my time proved fruitful. 
Again, the instructions were perfect. Nice thing about hand stitching, 
if it isn't what you want pull it out & try again. 

His horns add to his attitude.

On the advice of my hubby he will be getting a little friend (snack?)
 from another Ann Wood pattern. I will share that in a future post. Can you guess what it might be?