Thursday, April 21, 2016

Felling a Little Rusty


Rust...I love the stuff. It's easy to make & use in all kinds of artistic applications. There are Pinterest boards dedicated to it websites focused on it.  It's oxidized iron basically. Such a lovely color.

 This post by Carol Sloan has some some great examples of the effects you can get. Hers below.


  I did a post not too long ago about a rust solution I tried. If you soak wooden objects in this they take on a nice aged look.

Then I did a little experiment with cloth. I'll include a picture at some point as I can't find the fabric in my highly organized studio at the moment!!! Learned some things. Exposure to air is the key, so if you bunch something up that entire area won't turn that lovely dark color.

Iron Oxide is the solution used to get that nice color when eco-dyeing (another topic all together) with natural elements. Just adding rusty old screws or bolts or what have you accomplish the same goal.

 These shots were taken on the Island of Nevis a few years back.  I couldn't resist the drippy gradations of this rusty storage container left to the elements.

I'm as drawn to the up close shot of a rusty old vehicle as the next person. Why is that? Is it my Detroit roots showing?

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  1. Lovely shots! I do love the color and hadn't really thought about using actual rust in arts projects, cool idea! :)
    Jamie Lyn Weigt | Writing Dragons


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