About Me

     The reason you find me here is my desire to share a passion for the threads in fabric, images, hand made paper, putting brushes & pen to fiber. 
     As an only child growing up in the suburbs of Detroit I occupied myself with yarn,  fabric , thread, and an old sewing machine.  I had to run it by hand as I was too young to plug it in. It was a dangerous instrument, or so my mother thought. I cut and pasted magazine images that inspired me onto the door of my bedroom.
     In college I started as a textile design major. I chickened out on the creative path and went with a more practical career that ended up a long way from artistic creativity. My day job was in the medical world as an insurance biller. I retired in 2017.
     Nature is where I find my inspiration. Being outdoors is my preference for activities. Cross Country skiing (helps us survive the northern Michigan weather), snorkeling (we love escaping to the Caribbean), hiking, biking & kayaking. I am married to a wonderful man and have two grown sons. One lives in Chicago, the other in Bend Oregon. Both great places to visit.
     In  2000 I attended an art retreat on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan. Paper making equipment and two women who had lots of experience introduced me to the joy of paper making. From the  first moment I dipped the mold into the vat and created a piece of paper I was hooked. Taking dried sheets of paper off a drying screen is Christmas every time. Book structures & the history of paper fascinates me. Creating a surface for putting down words & images is a large part of what makes us human.
     I will share my thoughts on travel, photography, food, calligraphy, books, home improvement, & how we conduct our lives. You don't know what may show up in my brain.  

     Welcome to my blog. I hope you will stop by, leave comments, & be inspired. 


  1. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog, Linda. I can see by dipping into your posts here that you are in full creative flight. I hope your year continues to be filled with exciting adventures in art!

  2. I did paper making at Oakland Art Camp in 2015 - what fun! Now making books from the paper to draw on!

  3. When I taught elementary school I taught my kids how to make paper. Our method was extremely simple and the kids always had more goop on them then on their project but they had fun and hopefully learned a little about art. Are you planning any classes in the future for papermaking? I would love to take a class.

  4. Hi Linda - I found your blog last year via the A-Z ckhallenge and hoped to hear more from you, as fibre paper and dying are among my hobbies as well. I hope everything is fine with you. Kind regards from Denmark.


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