Thursday, July 26, 2018

Tid Bits on Thursday

Summer is in full swing and I am drawn to the textures & colors in the garden.
Had to bring this teeny floral arrangement inside after the bush got a pruning.

Got this sweet ceramic frog at an art fair last summer. Time to put it to good use. 
Hosta leaves make such a great statement on their own.

Dunno, just had to take picture of these eggs.

One of my recent creations now graces the fabric table with one of my favorite tools,
 the everyday clothes pin.

 So here's the real reason for all the above photos and noticing tiny details in everyday things. 
Here goes, transparency time. 
Above is all the "stuff" I took to the art fair last week end. I sold one piece. 
Despondency ensued the next day. After a bit of a pity party, a good walk in the park, 
and some time in the studio looking at inspirational ideas saved over time, I'm ready to move on. 
 I figure all this experimentation with fabric, paint, stencils, stitching was 
a learning experience that  can be applied to bigger things.
 The rest of the summer will be spent just playing around in the studio to uncover old & new ideas, some sketching, going back to playing with photography...
& some great travel coming up for us in a few weeks. 
Not to mention lots of music & visit from friends on the calendar. 

Lots of the storage items I've made are being put to use in my own home.
 That was plan B all along.There is still areas I can add more bins to, & I will. 

When all else fails, there is always beer. Love these corn hole boards at Right Brain Brewery. 
It could be my self portrait from last weekend.  Thanks for "listening". 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Stencils of Summer Plant ID & OMP Art Fair

Had another glorious week end on North Fox Is. Does anyone know what this flower is?
It is a spectacular little bit of Mother Nature. The blooms hang down.
If you turn them over you see this.

I would love to know what they are. Anyone?

We have rediscovered tent camping thanks to North Fox 
& the FUN people we've met on the overnights. This is a panorama of the field.
 The red nose is us with our little tent next to the wing. Cozy.
About a dozen planes "dropped in" over the week end.

Saturday, July 21 9 am to 4 pm.
Come take a look at all the vendors, get a snack from a food truck, listen to some music,
take home some art, & support your local artists!

All my stencils have names and a number. 
Anyone who wants a custom vessel can easily choose the images they want .
I've cut lots of new stencils this summer. here is the line up...
with example on fabric.

These last 2 haven't made it onto canvas yet. I need to fix that. 


 Hope to see you Saturday!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Old Mission Library Art Fair July 21st

These nicely weathered little soldiers were hanging on a line 
by the 2 Hearted River. Couldn't resist getting the blur of the sky & tree burn 
behind them. Posted it on my Instagram
I have a thing for clothespins. 

This stencil has been put to good use.
Since I use different colors for the elements I had cut paper pieces to mask each.
Then it dawned on me to spread them out on one stencil.
Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure stuff out! Well, really most of the time.


Makes using multiple colors much easier.

I've wanted to add more leaf designs to my collection. Finally got to this one.
The rough outline and beginning of the design.

Blocking the areas to cut out so I have an idea what it will look like.
It's easy to make mistakes and cut out the wrong area if this isn't done.

It hasn't been used on fabric yet, but I like the look. 

I will be in the Old Mission Peninsula Library Artist Fair on Saturday July 21st.  I've been spending lots of time in the studio to have loads of fun vessels to offer.

Below is the official notice from the library:

The Local Artists Fair being held at Old Mission Peninsula School is just the thing to start on your Christmas shopping & to get away from the major hub of tourists. There will be artists offering: wearable art, paintings, multiple kinds of jewelry, natural skincare products, pottery, recycled materials, fish; original women's clothing, hand printed home goods, pressed flower stationary and bookmarks, quilts, baby gifts, and much more,

A second opportunity is the Friends Book Sale, also, at OMP School. The books are organized to make browsing a joy, not a chore. Something for every age and interests at great prices!  

Both opportunities are open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. There is truly something for everyone. There will be 2 food trucks: Norma’s Tamale’s & McChesney’s Gourmet Burgers. A coffee stand will be open all day and Buchan’s ice cream will be served beginning at 11:00 am. We will have local musicians playing for everyone enjoyment.

Sounds like fun to me! Hope to see you there.