Friday, October 14, 2016

Beautiful Decay

Fall may be my favorite time of year. The colors in our neck of the woods are so beautiful. I collect leaves every year at their peak, then discard them back to whence they came when they shrivel.

  I'm so taken with certain flowers in their decline. Thistle and Queen Anne's lace in particular.


       Spent some time yesterday making stencils of the images from spent blooms. I have plans for some large fabric vessels with these & other images on the cloth.

Often Mother Nature creates the best compositions on her own.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tacket Book Reveal

 Done!  Now I've gotten my feet wet again with this structure there will be a series of them as I enjoy the process & it's a good way to put the new Gelli prints to good use. More pictures of the book process next time.

I took a Gelli Plate printing class with the Pendragons 2 weeks ago. The Pendragons are a fantastic group of calligraphers. I'm a member, but I'm an infant compared to them in the lettering arts. The link above is to our Facebook page. About 6 posts down there are a bunch of pictures from our play day with the Gelli Plates.
Lorrie Granger Adbo  was our instructor. A very fun spontaneous messy day.

A few examples of the results.

Old book pages end up being a great substrate for the prints.

Me posing for a photo op for the Facebook page.while unpacking for the day.