Friday, April 30, 2021

Zena Hitz Authored a Book


 Ran across this book recommendation through The Hedgehog Review
One of the many sites I follow that seem a bit quirky. Which is what I like. Not the usual fluff.
In their words:
 The Hedgehog Review advances ideas rather than ideologies.
Z is always a struggle so when something crosses my bow I investigate.
Along came Zena Hitz. Two Zs! 

I looked for a review & found this from Open Letters Review.
I've asked for a copy from my state eLibrary site so I can leaf through.

Phew! Made it through another A to Z Challenge & didn't miss a day. 
Would love your feedback on what you like or don't like about my blog. 
I thoroughly enjoy it & the challenge gets me in a groove I find hard to sustain
on a regular basis. Guess I do better under pressure. 

Happy hunting out there!



  1. Congratulations on completing your A to Z! I've enjoyed reading your posts.

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  3. Double Z - beginning and end. Nice! Congrats on finishing the A to Z challenge! Weekends In Maine


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