Monday, April 22, 2019

Salt Letter S A to Z Challenge

Do you know the history of salt? Interesting commodity.


Salt plays a vital role in food & our health.

Meet Samin Nosrat. It all started when a friend told me about her Netflix 4 part series:
 Salt Fat Acid Heat. Watched them all, loved her personality, where she traveled to dive deep into each element, & the cooking. The chemistry of cooking is very important. 
That is what she explains in detail in her own style.

I'm guessing if you like to cook & look up stuff on the web at all 
you have heard of her, the series, & the book of the same name. 

My older son who loves to cook was also taken with her. I got this fancy embossed 
version of the book for Christmas from him!

Notice the mention of Wendy MacNaughton as the artist. 
More on her on  "W" day.

 I use this salt almost exclusively, for everything. Samin's advice is 
if you have the iodized old style version we all grew up with, throw it out. 

This salt & it's cousins from the same company are nice for sprinkling on appetizers, desserts, more special things, or just  your hard boiled egg in the morning. We all deserve something special. 


  1. We use kosher salt also and recently ran out so have been using regular salt from who knows when. I need to start a new grocery list and put it at the top.

  2. I'm used to using the regular stuff in cooking! For taste I need to cut back my sodium.
    I thought we needed the iodine in iodized salt? I guess some people do.
    My mother was born in Salinas, CA, so I knew the name came from the word salt, and that in turn gave us the word salary, since salt was valuable and used as pay. I hope they got more than just salt!

  3. The book looks great! Thanks for sharing the website link.


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