Tuesday, April 23, 2019

T is for Teresa Meier A to Z Challenge

 I love what can be done these days with digital photography. 
Manipulation creates amazing stories.

 Say hello to Teresa Meier. I've been a fan for several years.

Teresa Meier

Artist | Educator
I'm great. I'm an artist, teacher, native Oregonian, beer drinker, cat lover, wayfarer and wanderer. My left eye is lazy, I stick my tongue out when I smile, and I cannot for the life of me figure out the stove top diagrams. I love summer, miss the rain when it's gone and am transfixed by the quietness of snow...
 Her dream like images pull me in. 
Some of them are quirky & funny. 

Her website is a delight for the eyes. If you have an opportunity to
poke around I highly recommend it.  Her process is so layered.
Must take a large amount of time & thought.

Over the past few years I have signed up for, & dabbled in, a few on demand e courses on manipulating digital photos. I have yet to complete any of these classes. Well maybe one. My goal is to dedicate a span of time & focus on learning from them before I get sucked into another. They seem to be very time consuming. That could be because I am not familiar enough with the apps & programs to do things smoothly without struggle. The learning curve is steep.


  1. I find the top image a little creepy, but I quite like the second photo.

    Visiting from A-Z
    AJ Blythe

    1. Thanks so much for making a stop here! Just visited your site & blog. I'll be back. We can both claim to be winter survivors in similar climates at opposite poles of the earth. Interesting. Yes some of Teresa's stuff can feel creepy, but I lover her collage approach and the story they can tell.

  2. Thanks so much for the feature and kind words, Linda! I love that giant Richard Parker image and happy to see others get delight from it too :)

    The interface in PS is daunting. It's one of those things that is a struggle until suddenly, one day, it isn't. Give it time and practice and loads of patience.

    The rule to keep in mind, if something isn't working like you thought it should, stop, and check all of your settings.

    Phlearn has great free tutuorials. He explains things well and thoroughly in an easy to understand way. I'd recommend starting there.

    Reach out anytime. Lovely to 'meet' you!

    1. Thanks for letting me use your art in the challenge and your advice! Kind of like calligraphy, if something isn't working change your:ink, pen, paper & try again. Keep creating...as I'm sure you will.


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