Monday, April 15, 2019

Mushrooms & Mosses

Mushrooms seem to have their own subculture of zealots. For their beauty, elusiveness,
 & their culinary applications.


In a previous post I focused the importance of looking down to observe.

 In that same post I identified these beauties, thanks to a freind on Instagram.
 Shaggy Mane  Coprinus comatus.  They are edible

There is a local Mycological society


Not to mention the wild mushrooms on offer at the local Farmers market.

In the next month or so there will be a frenzie to find the delicious Morel Mushroom. 
Several small towns near by have Mushroom Festivals

 Lets move on to mosses. A two M word day here on this blog.


 There was a reference to this book about mosses I ran across somewhere. 
It peaked my interest so I snagged it from the local library. It was fascinating!  
The link above to the GoodReads review tells you more about it.
Often overlooked they are an important part of the natural world we live in.

The vibrant green of the mosses grabs my attention. Learning more about how
 they grow & survive gave me a new appreciation for their delicate nature.

Do you notice little bits of nature in your surroundings?  Ever eat a wild mushroom?
 Ever hunt for them?


  1. Picking mushrooms in the forest is always a great family way to be together. My dad know a lot about them, so it's safe to eat them. Love girolles, bolets, and some I don't remember the name ;)
    M = Mobilier

  2. I think mushrooms are beautiful and I always take their pictures. I don't like them to eat, and I would NEVER eat any foraged by anyone, supposed "expert" or not. I grew up in an area where people died every year mistaking them.

    1. Oh dear! Where was that? Folks here seem to be pretty knowledgeable if the dare to eat what they pick. Lots of morel dishes in restaurants in the soon to arrive season.

  3. I love seeing mushrooms growing, their different shapes and colors are fascinating. But I'm the oddball who doesn't care to eat them. LOL!

    DB McNicol, author
    A to Z Microfiction: Meat


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