Tuesday, April 16, 2019

N is for Neuland A to Z Challenge

A fine example of Neuland hand lettering done by Maria Montes.

 N is for Neuland. A typeface created by Rudolph Koch in 1923.

It's challenging to hand letter. The entire letter is done using the broadest area
 of your writing tool. It requires turning the nib at unusual angles. This makes it fun to play with.

Images from a class I attened several years ago to learn how to "do" Neuland.
you can tell I'm a newbie! 


  Hand drawn & cut out of decorated papers. Solves the nib angle problem. 
The above is by Carol DuBosch, a well known Calligrapher.

I am fortunate to have several OLD copies of the Speedball lettering books that were my father's.

This 14th edition is from 1941. When "fonts" were a hand done thing. 

Looks like a version of Neuland to me.

This is the last page & the lettering around the perimeter also looks like Neuland. 

There was a centennial edition printed a few years ago. 

Versions of this typeface have been used in some immediately recognizable places.


  1. Pretty font, and you did a great job! I used to watch an Instagramer writting like this, but can't find him anymore...

  2. Fascinating! I love info about fonts.

  3. I guess it's a poster type font. I can't imagine reading too much in it. Wonder if it's on my word program.


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