Saturday, April 20, 2019

REI Camp Table A to Z Challenge

Purchased this wonderful little camping table last summer. From REI.
Perfect for trips in the plane to remote places to camp.

Folds up into a nice neat package. Bag included. 

 I have been a member of REI Co-Op (Recreational Equipment Inc.) literally for decades. You get a dividend each year on what you have purchased.


 One day, just one, last week when the weather got springish we pulled the table out so we could sit on the deck & plot our summer strategy. The "real" deck table was still stored away. 
As you see it holds beverages nicely.

We coveted these camping pillows another couple had on North Fox Island last summer. Got us a couple right away. They crush down to nothing but are nice & full when you are ready to sleep.
It's all about the comfort when camping these days with our older bodies. 

REI Co-Op has loads of resources for outdoor adventures, trip planning, clothing, & equipment.

Do you like to camp? Where have you been?



  1. Great equipment! I used to love camping, but now I like comfort ;) Traveling with a sailboat or an RV is much better ;))
    R = Rulers

  2. We have that table, not sure where I originally got it but I brought it from my RV to new hubby's. We also have several of the camping pillows, all now packed away since we don't camp - we RV. LOL!

    DB McNicol, author
    A to Z Microfiction: Raspberry


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