Monday, April 8, 2019

Guardians for My Journals

Recently I ran across what I thought was a great idea in Austin Kleon's newsletter.

 More on him in a future A to Z post. 

When he starts a new journal he adopts a Guardian Spirit. It sets a tone and
 gets you out of your own head when you see it. 
 I just ran out of pages in journal # 8, since I've been numbering them at any rate, 
& decided to start gathering images of folks I admire 
to use as my Guardians. Judy Dench strikes me as a woman who 
doesn't take any crap, is a progressive, & is aging gracefully. 
Good woman to have on board as Guardian #1.

Journal #9 cover & process.

I start by removing the front & back covers which makes painting & sewing so much easier.  

All back together.

I started adding a little piece of whatever hand painted fabric was on the cover 
to the back a few journals ago. I find the fabric on both sides helps protect the covers.
I take them everywhere so they get rather beat up as time goes on.  

 Meet the family. I have a couple smaller journals I take on long trips.
 Lower left corner is one of those.


  Another in process from the past. 

This fabric was an experiment in printing on an old pair of pants. 

Do  you keep a journal? What do  you like to use it for? 
Inspiration? Writing? Venting? Sketching?


  1. I have one I keep for writing poetry. I never realized I could take the covers off. Interior.

    1. If you like to decorate the covers it makes it a lot easier! I admire you who write poetry on a regular basis. An elegant way to document your thoughts.

  2. Those are so beautiful!
    I am not a journal keeper, never even had a diary with a little lock as a young girl! My daughter more than makes up for me though. Journaling is an important part of her life.

    1. Thank you! I remember those little locked versions. I had a couple. Hope your daughter keeps it up for life.

  3. I have journaled, faithfully, for years, using archive quality binders. Your notebooks are fascinating... unique... and inviting! Those would be wonderful for capturing ideas!

    And I am a big fan of Judy Dench! Good choice!

    1. Love my oh so personal journals. Journaling has been a life saver at times. Dame Judy rocks.


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