Thursday, April 25, 2019

Letter V in the A to Z Challenge

Another admiration post. This time a fiber artist.

I was introduced to her work via
I've discoverd many amazing fiber artists through this quirky site.

 Detailed dolls galore. She uses lots of "free stitching" in her decoration.

Her videos are fantastic. I can only imagine how much time & planning goes into them. 

"Shopping Bags" is one of my favorites. About 2 1/2 minutes in 
the bank of sewing machines & seamstresses is what I particularly like. 



  1. Thank you for pointing us in her direction! The automata are amazing. I am sending my son all the links, he has always had a fascination with puppetry, and I love how more are seeing it isn't just for children. It's not surprising to find she is not from the US.

    1. Great! I love puppetry. The costumes in The Lion King are still the best adult puppets I can think of.

  2. She's well worth the admiration!

    Happy A-Z'ing.


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