Friday, April 12, 2019

Austin Kleons World K A to Z Challenge

 I am a HUGE fan of Austin Kleon.

The newsletter he churns out each week is a wealth of interesting thoughts, 
links & ideas from his hyper active mind. I strongly suggest you sign up, or at least click on random posts to see what I mean. I can't tell you how many interesting people or creative ideas I have been introduced to by this weekly piece of goodness in my inbox.

Austin is the one who gave me the idea for Guardians in my journals. 
My G post for the challenge.

 His latest book just came out. Being an artist is hard, to keep going as an artist even harder. 
The little video in the link gives you a good idea of what's in store. 

His first book "Steal Like An Artist" is great small pieces of advice for any creative. 


I could go on & on but I will let you decide to take a look for yourself, or not. 
The loss would be yours. 

This picture from his newsletter is what I'm doing in many of my posts
 in the challenge this time around. Honoring my creative heroes.  
They do keep me going when I'm frustrated or lonely.

Who do you admire? How do they keep you going? 


  1. "Steal Like an Artist" is on my TBR -- I'll have to read it soon! Thanks for sharing :-)

    Ronel visiting from the A-Z Challenge with Music and Writing: <a href=">Powerful K's</a>

  2. Honoring my creative heroes. They do keep me going when I'm frustrated or lonely. Also fans and readers help you in keep going. I write now-a-days because some people are reading. I want to reach a target of life-time 10 million page reads. As people continue to like my FaceBook page and read my blog posts, it will happen.

    For my A to Z 2019 blog, Industrial Engineering and Operations Management - Distinction and Combination turns out to be the most useful post. It has 266 page views so far. I expect 1000 page views by April end.

  3. I just finished going through the links in his newsletter today - love reading what he finds intriguing. And love his books.
    Great post today!

  4. Hello, fellow A-to-Zer! I like the title of that book--Steal Like An Artist. Very expressive!

  5. Thanks for the recommendations! I definitely want to read Keep Going.

  6. He sounds like a great creative.


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