Saturday, April 13, 2019

Aimee Lee Paper Maker, Artist, Author

Learning to make Hanji paper & what can be made from it with Aimee Lee was a pleasure. 
There is a great video in the above link to her site that informs you about Aimee's starting
 point for learning the process in Korea to make Hanji & her artistic drive.

L is for Aimee Lee 

It was the last time I attended PBI  (Paper & Book Intensive) that I took her class.

She weaves Hanji Ducks from twisted cords from the paper.

I had to have this duck she put on auction at the end of PBI.

Before he was mine hanging out with his friends on the display table at Ox-Bow

I took him to my work to meet a pal one day.

I would love to learn in more depth how to crate these lovely vessels. 

You can also knit with the threads from Hanji paper. Right up my alley.

I hope you take the time to look at her story & work. 
Yet another interesting journey by an artist I greatly admire. 

I'll be attending PBI again this year. I'm sure if you follow me 
you will see lots of my inspiration from this year's classes. 

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