Friday, April 26, 2019

Wendy McNaughton A to Z W

 As promised in my "S" post, here we have Wendy McNaughton for W

Her New Your Times hand written & illustrated stories are marvelous.

Meanwhile  Wendy MacNaughton's illustrated column about the big implications of seemingly small things.

 Check out her portfolio. Love her hand written articles and loose style of sketching.

There is overlap in the creative world. Austin Kleon mentions Wendy, often,which is how I found her initially.  Then realized she was the illustrator in my Christmas present. 

 Some of her topics & subjects  have led me to do more research.  
Diving deeper is how I run across many of the artists I have featured in the A to Z this year.
I hope you are enjoying the ride & the links. 


  1. Wow! She's seriously awesome!
    Visiting from the AtoZ Challenge. Late and late can be!

  2. Her work is beautiful, thanks for sharing!


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