Saturday, April 6, 2019

Mr. Finch is Amazing

 Meet the Amazing Mr. Finch

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary blogging from A to Z challenge letter

I have been an admirer of his for several years. Being a doll lover, modern, elaborate, 
unusual dolls, never a Barbie fan!, I was immediately drawn to his style 
& attention to detail, let alone the subject matter. 

 Anthropologie did a great story introducing us to him & his craft. 

On his website some of my questions were answered. 

Do you make everything yourself or do you have any help?
"Everything is made by me-everything.
I do ALL of the sewing, printing of labels and tea making…the lot. I love to work alone and whilst it is hard sometimes and does limit how much work I can make I wouldn’t have it any other way."

What training do you have?
"I have no formal training in anything to do with textiles or sewing I’ve learnt it all myself."

He's a Brit. I imagine him living in a dark musty old cottage. His Facebook page is fun as well. 
I get the impression he is a loner who gets totally absorbed in a process he loves & has happened to be able to make a perfect place for himself in this wacky world.  

These comments on his site sum it up for me:

"He seems to have imagined quite a fantastic other reality, populated it, foraged it and has

been good enough to share its spoils with us.

‘Birds, insects, flora and fauna — all specimens that he has meticulously curated and

fabricated with an almost Darwinian flair. Part modern day hipster, part Victorian dandy —

Mister Finch has always struck me as an eccentric whose obsession with the natural world

rivals that of his 19th-century counterparts."

Michael Reynolds.

Wallpaper’s US editor


  1. Amazing! The giant moth is a bit creepy for my taste though. The badger is just so cunning. Thanks for sharing the link to the article.

  2. Well that is interesting stuff . . . . . I knew this A to Z had its good points . . . . Enjoy the journey to Z I hope to return before we reach the end if I remember, bearing in mind my brain (no pun intended) is rubbish.


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