Thursday, April 18, 2019

P is for Pantry What's in Yours?


I love to cook. A well stocked pantry is important. 
To be short one item for a recipe can be maddening. 
I also get to show off some of my fabric bins as they grace my pantry for specific items.

The truth is I'm an organizing addict. Is freak the right word?
 I'll let my friends be the judge of that. Anyone care to weigh in? I can take it.

 Open shelving is great if you have the space. I like to be able to see everything easily. 
Helps when you are making a shopping list. 
It's as bad to buy an extra of what you already have as it is to be short.


 I recently winnowed my collection of cook books. 
It all becomes variations on a theme at some point.
 Plus who doesn't love food sites & Pinterest?

I transfer most items to glass for storage.
An entire shelf full of anxious participants. 

 Open wire drawers work well for dry storage of those things 
that like to sprout if you aren't watching.
I use lots of onion & garlic so it's not a problem here.


 Did you notice the fabric box above labeled chalk? 

I have a chalk board wall in my pantry. Gotta have a place to play with design.
 I haven't changed from this ampersand in ages. I need to attend to that.
 Maybe after the A to Z is anyone else getting worn out? 

A couple past designs on the wall.


It's not all about the food for me as you can see. Ways to express creativity always come into play. 

What's important in your pantry?


  1. Getting worn out? Yes!

    I wish I had a whole pantry closet. We have a couple of open shelves around the kitchen. I do have a bunch of glass jars to transfer stuff into.

  2. I don't think I have a pantry. I have a couple of shelves in one of the kitchen cabinets. Mostly I just keep cans, pasta, and boxed mixes there. String beans, soup, spaghetti sauce... pretty basic things.

    I love your ampersand! It's an octopus in disguise!

    1. Now I have to look at my ampersand with new eyes. Glad you saw the octopus. A creature I am fascinated with.

  3. When we moved into the house from our RV, I loved our pantry. SO much room. Two years later and I wish it were bigger. LOL!

    DB McNicol, author
    A to Z Microfiction: Parachute

  4. My pantry is a tall cupboard with pull-out shelves. The place we lived in prior to this had a cubby under the stairs that I used for pantry items. I had to duck down and lean inside to get things.

    What's important in my pantry? My variety of imported vinegars and oils. The canned goods are usually store-brand, generic, but I splurge on quality vinegars and oils.

  5. My pantry is not really mine as it's my husband who do shoping, and cooking. So the kitchen is his place ;) And it's quite a big mess...

  6. I have two pantries. One is easy to access because it is not deep. The other is so deep I keep losing things so I must work something out to improve it. Important things are in the shallow pantry like oils, vinegars, herbs and my potatoes and onions.


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