Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pegboard A to Z Challenge

I love Pegboard. One of my favorite organizational "tools". 
This  section hangs directly in front of me at my studio table. 
As much as I detest visual clutter I need  stuff I use all the time 
within reach when I'm in creative mode. 

 Pegboard infinitely customizable which is what makes it the best. 
I have three  seperate boards. Old picture frames work well for edges.
  Screwed to the wall with gaskets that create a small space 
between the wall & the board. 

If an item doesn't have a hole for hanging a trusty paper hole punch is the answer. 
 Lots of paper tid bits are stored in envelopes. The clear envelopes were cast offs 
from all the alphabet labels we used on medical charts before 
everything went electronic. Recycle!


 What's your favorite way to organize your stuff?



  1. Really Nice. I like making lists. I know it's not exactly organizational stuff, but still...
    My post Positive

  2. Pegboards are so handy! I remember my grandmother had one in her kitchen for cooking utensils and such.

    I have a huge "story board" on my office wall. My handyman installed sheetmetal... a large single sheet that goes almost wall to wall. It sits above a low bookcase, and the top is just beyond my reach. It's framed in white wood trim. I use magnets, and dry erase markers to organize my thoughts, story, and projects.

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: Pancakes

  3. I always thought pegboards would be something I would like to use but I never got to the point of putting any up.
    Finding Eliza


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