Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Journaling through the A to Z Challenge

 I post pages from my journal often here. A journal is such a great place to try out ideas with no risk, vent about life, take notes during a workshop.  Journal had to be the topic for J for me.

I started adding fabric to the covers early on. I wanted them to be a work of art on the outside. Maybe a conversation starter if you carry it around with you. or are traveling. 

The fabric is canvas or denim painted with acrylic so is very sturdy,
which helps them weather the abuse they get. 

I couldn't stop there so the back gets at least one star. They are sew on as well. 
I found it helps the back from getting worn. 

I did a post in the past about my journals you can see here. It shows the exact brand & type I use and a bit about page embellishment & indexing. 

One of these lasts me about a year. They are numbered, the first was started in 2010. The current is number 7. I started using these because the paper is mixed media, which means it can withstand water. If you are playing with water color or water first then paint or ink it is very important. 

                          Lots of clippings and copying (borrowing) designs seen elsewhere.

What's in your journal?


  1. My journal is all words; daily notes on my activities and feelings. The good that happened, the good I do...

    Affirmations for a Good Life

  2. I kept a journal last year, but I find it hard to keep one long-term. If I miss a day, then I get lazy and so on. I'm thinking of ordering one of those "one line a day" journals, at least to get a habit going.

  3. I always find it delightful to peek into other's journals, and it's lovely to see a bit of yours. I keep multiple journals. I've often experimented with trying to keep one multi-purpose one, but that never lasts for long.

    1. Just the opposite for me. Tried to have multiples. Way too confusing. I had to give myself permission to put everything into one. Having an index is helpful...always the first 2 pages of a new journal. I have lists all over the place though.

  4. What's in my journal? My LIFE!

    Handwritten, I use a 3-ring binder so I can also insert sheet protectors to hold memorabilia that goes along with certain entries. Funeral programs, ticket stubs, funny cards.

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: Jelly

  5. I always envied my college classmates that kept visual journals -- I think it was required for the Illustration majors (I was in Fashion). I keep trying and I think maybe I'm finally doing it! I have several going, with various themes.
    Do you know of the visual journaler Roz Stendahl? Every April she hosts a thing called International Fake Journal Month. One keeps a journal as an alternate persona.
    One of my A-Z 2017 projects is the journal of Enid, freelance surface designer:

  6. I have a variety of journals that I work on. However, I would like to be more consistent with them. i love the colorful covers on yours.


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