Friday, April 21, 2017

Rock On A to Z Challenge

Call me a rock hound. I can't resist the urge to pick up a rock that interests to me. 
Mother nature created the above composition on her own. I left it alone.

Man has put rock to use for his own benefit for a very long time. 
The above images are mine from the Aaran Islands, Ireland. Rugged, beautiful landscape.

On a much smaller scale my husband & I created this water feature at our previous home.

 Sometimes the small rocks I had to bring home get embellished.

I have referenced this gals site before. Lil Fish Studios.
 Her detailed treatment of rocks is beautiful & I imagine she finds it meditative.


  1. This was an inspirational post - so many creative ideas - absolutely loved it - you ROCK :)

  2. I love rocks, but I prefer to see them in the nature, not to bring them home.
    Eva - Mail Adventures
    R is for Relics.

  3. Linda, We visited Pebble Beach in Maine many years ago and the pebbly shore was fun to walk on, making interesting sounds beneath our feet. We brought home several rocks from the beach and I still have them. Happy a2zing!

    Art Sketching Through the Alphabet "R" (realistic rabbit & rascally roadrunner)

    1. Same to you! Your comment about the sound is important. Another element to nature we forget about when we get home, but when you hear it we are transported back to previous visits. Zebra muscles invaded this area several years ago, last summer we walked on a beach littered with bleached shells of the little buggers. The sound they made was like little pieces of porcelain clinking against each other. It was beautiful!

  4. I confess, I too have brought home rocks that caught my eye. I have a few as part of a display in my creative space. I have others waiting to find their place.

  5. I too love rocks and will often bring one (or more) home to remind me of a delightful place. Thanks for this post!

  6. I love rocks. We were one of the earlier homes in our sub and we would go collect rocks from lots where building was occurring. I don't know how they farmed this land with all the rocks on it.

  7. I love your pictures of the rock walls...just gorgeous.
    Blog hopping A to Z!

  8. Such beautiful images. I think you'd like the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy who's sculptures in nature made with natural materials are simply wonderful.

    Bunny and the Bloke


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