Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Urban Art A to Z Challenge

 When I travel I like to see the art that is on display in public places. It assures me that humans are aware that art in our everyday lives is important. 

 The  images above & below are from my home. I would love to know the story of the fox, and why is he holding an egg?  But he stopped me dead in my tracks.

This funky guy is the "River Guardian" in Traverse City.  It got both raves & contempt when it was unveiled. I happen to like him. Link is an article about the reaction to this sculpture.


 A friend who lives in Denver sent me this. These lovely lithe ladies are magnificent on their own. Then they got dresses for an arts event!

 I admit I do like graffiti. She is a bit frightening but so well done. 
Brooklyn N.Y. from a trip several years ago.

 This couple is so sweet. Portland neighborhood. Discovered them on a leisurely walk to get breakfast one morning. That is what's so great about public art, you just happen upon it.

 Alaska. A personified loon.The artist,  Rachel Dowdy,  also has an installation in the airport. 
Image below. These whimsical geese.

Also in Alaska. A High School project using ocean trash to create this rather beautiful salmon.

 These last two are as iconic as it gets. Large metal. The St Louis Arch by Eero Saarinen & "Cloud Gate" by Anish Kapoor, better known at the bean in Chicago. Photo ops of these two are limitless.



  1. Great collection! It always stops me when I see certain objects. In Iceland, there is art with portions of fish sculptures coming out of the sidewalk -- very realistic. And then in Dublin, the famine sculpture -- those two stay in my mind.

    Affirmations for a Good Life

  2. Fantastic post. I love seeing urban art, too. I don't know if it counts as urban art, but I want to visit Montreal and go to the 21 musical swings. Visual and musical art combined. Living Art.


    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: Ugli Fruit

  3. We have a piece of public art not too far from my home. I saw it in the studio before it was placed and it looked big and impressive there but out in the city, it seems to have shrunk.
    Finding Eliza

  4. Cool images. I am intrigued by urban art and even old advertisements on the sides of buildings that have become their own art as they fade with time.

  5. Oh how I wish I had taken a picture of the barn on Haggerty with the painting of the Mona Lisa. Alas....

  6. Some great photos of urban art - I particularly liked those lithe dancers :)

  7. I love street art! It is one thing that puts me in a good mood when travelling, or just walking around the city I live in. So I enjoyed your pictures, sure!
    Eva - Mail Adventures


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