Friday, April 7, 2017

Flat File in the studio A to Z Challenge

Martha Stewart was all over this great piece of furniture for an art studio. Home Depot sells them. Some assembly was required, about 8 hours of both my husband & I working on it. Well worth the effort.

F is for Flat File

My work area that is all my own is fantastic.  Storage that works for the type of art you do helps. I'm an organizing freak. It's what I do. 

 Full extension drawers for all the paper I have is so nice. Some sheets are large.
 This makes getting at them much easier.

 You can find old flat files from libraries & businesses on the internet. This beauty is mine & I love it.


  1. What a beautiful and practical piece of furniture! The thin drawers are perfect for holding papers!

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. You are giving me ideas...hmmmm, how can I fit one of these into my studio space???

  3. I found mine on Craig's List, from a printing company going out of business. They "just" fit in the truck. Phew! Not as pretty as yours, they get the job done.

  4. That is a beauty! I wish I had a better flat file, but I've got an old kitchen cabinet with a couple of pull-out shelves. I have to keep things in flat file boxes on the shelves, for protection.
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  5. That cabinet is AWESOME!! I like the long thin drawers.

    I have a tall drawer cabinet from Hobby Lobby that I use for my various writing projects. I have them labeled for each project and as I jot down ideas, or tear out a magazine article on the topic, I open the designated drawer and toss it in.

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