Saturday, April 15, 2017

Miniature Book Insanity A to Z Challenge

In May of last year I had a blast at PBI.  My expectations were high and I was not disappointed. The setting is so...Michigan water way. On a lagoon just off the shore of Lake Michigan near Saugatuck. Ox-Bow, the facility where PBI is held each year, is owned by the Art Institute of Chicago.

 M is for Miniature Books

I had three wonderful work shops. First up is the Miniature Book Binding class with  
Miniatures are defined as smaller than 3" in any dimension.

 Amazing, crazy, & fun. The first book was the largest, relative designation here. 8 signatures, we were supposed to make front & back covers with book board but I liked my eco-dyed paper so much I went without.

 I had never done a leather bound book before, but learned all the techniques in teeny weeny scale. The Scharffix leather shaver was an introduction to a new tool for me. I spent a few hours one evening getting the hang of it. I didn't even cut myself on the razor which in itself is an accomplishment for me.

        You can get the leather so thin you can see the pores in the leather.

We made our own end bands and created a rounded shoulder. Not to mention the tiny tapes for sewing the signatures. 

Last but not least the tiniest of all. An accordion with text in 3 point type. Jim provided the strips with the text we cut down and folded. His instructions were perfect. 

 My little treasure. Just don't sneeze when you are making it or it's lost.

Show and tell at the end of each class is always a big deal. Loads of photographs taken of everyone's work.

I did an extra accordion book that was an invitation to stay in our home I put in the auction that is held at the end. It is to raise funds for the scholarship students that attend. They add so much to PBI every year. 

This is a repost from last year. Miniature Books seemed a perfect topic. 
See you Monday!


  1. Love these! Can't wait to hear more, and how I wish I could have come.

  2. Oh how fabulous! And I can see how a sneeze would do these beauties in.

  3. These are wonderful! Sounds like a fantastic class.
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