Monday, April 3, 2017

Close to the Bone Day 2 A to Z Challenge

B is for Bone. A wonderful medium for tools used in book binding as well as other paper arts. Silky, translucent, hard, durable. They are a joy to hold.

 Bone folders are indispensable. I have 3, so far, & this little guy is my favorite! The tip is perfect for scoring paper for folding. The curve just right for creasing or smoothing down glued items.

Made by Jim Croft. A masterful book binder, tool maker, throw back to an earlier time. If you are curious take a cruise around their site. Off the grid, use of raw materials, talk about building an artful life, this couple has done it to the extreme.

 Another rock star in the bone implement arena is Shanna Leino. As it happens she moved to a town very close to mine recently, I want to learn to make these tools from her! Both Shanna & Jim sell their folders at Talas

 Another fabulous bookbinder, tool maker is Brien Beidler.I had the opportunity to meet him & get a tour of his work a couple years back. If you have time check out his work on his site.

 I have had these two for about 17 years, since I began book binding. They go everywhere with me if I think any art will be involved.


  1. Linda, I have one of these for scoring my home-made greeting cards but I don't know if it's really made from bone, though. I think mine might be plastic. It does what I ask of it, so I can't complain. I suppose a real bone one works best for book binding, which sounds like an interesting hobby. I invite you to stop by for more Art Sketching Through the Alphabet for today’s featured letter “B” (boys) and a side of Mewsic with Curious as a Cathy!

    1. I'm watching you as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You must have immense patience to do such meticulous work

    1. Patience for art, not so much for other things sometimes :)

  3. I like the use of raw materials. It feels very Native American in concept to me. I wonder if different animal bones are stronger than others.

    "Female Scientists Before Our Time"

  4. Fascinating tools, and fine craftsmanship in and of themselves.

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