Saturday, April 29, 2017

Yardage A to Z Challenge

Yardage- Term used to describe any cut length of fabric. In the U.S., fabric is measured and cut in yards (36-inch intervals). A length of fabric in an undefined amount.

It's not the official definition, which has something to do with animal pens. 
But I'm sticking with fabric as Y is a tough one.

I have lots of yardage in my studio. Stacked in cubbies and jammed in a trunk I've owned since college. In an earlier post I showed my trunk full of old fabric. Recently I discovered a local business that accepts & resells all kinds of craft stuff. Perfect! A place to obtain & pass on "yardage".

When I'm deep into a project I like to coral all the pieces in a bin.

I have a table set up right now for painting soem "yardage" for several
fabric containers I have in mind.

Layer one of hand painting done yesterday.

It's just another word for fabric, but it had to be my "Y"


  1. 97 comments? Wow! I'm impressed. I have a friend who quilts who has lots of yardage around, all divided by color. Find me here. LINK

  2. Curious who accepts and recycles craft stuff around here? Have things to donate.

  3. I've got more fabric than I could possibly use. Granted, much of it is as leftover scraps or really short pieces that would suit quilting, rather than anything else. Don't know how useful it would be to someone else.

    I sometimes wonder if I should get rid of it, but then I can't, afraid I might need it some day.

    Her Grace, Heidi from Romance Spinners

  4. Good word and I didn't know about the tie-in to the yard length. Of course, that makes sense.

  5. Your collection of fabric looks irresistible Linda. What a fun way to immerse in creativity. And a cool Y word, too. It's a new one for me.
    Y is for Yellow

  6. I've hung on to some yardage with the mistaken belief they might turn into a quilt. The odds are not looking good.

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: Yolk

  7. I used to have all sorts of boxes and shelves of fabric when I was a doll maker but it didn't make the last move.

    Finding Eliza

  8. Cool Y word. My yardage is often overlooked when I start a new project. It probably needs to be sorted so I know what I have. your in process piece has me intrigued.


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