Thursday, April 6, 2017

Eco Dyeing A to Z Challenge

Extracting beautiful colors from things found in nature, Eco Dyeing, is a magical thing.

There are loads of tutorials and workshops available. Books and art blogs abound. 

The images here are from a work shop I attended where we gathered all sorts of leaves,
then dyed paper & fabric in different solutions.

My tried & true recipe for Walnut ink/dye in my journal from about 8 years ago. Using actual walnut hulls gives you a much richer dye than the store bought variety.

Everyday kitchen items can create stunning results as well.

You can purchase mordants & other supplies as well as learn more online from  Botanical Colors.


  1. I used walnut dye in one of my books to darken a leather saddle. My heroine used it on her skin to darken her complexion. Thanks for the info. Find me here. LINK

  2. Linda,

    I've not made home-made dyes before and probably won't but it's interesting. Years ago, I used fallen leaves (maple, oak, and poplar) to make impressions on a sweatshirt like a rubber stamp, except I put fabric paint on the vein side, lifting very carefully revealing a beautiful outline of the leaf. After the paint dries, I think outlined each leaf design with fabric glitter pens. I need to find that sweatshirt and take a picture of it, then share the steps to creating it for others to try. It's really a neat DIY project for anyone who enjoys crafting.

    Check out, Art Sketching Through the Alphabet with the letter "E" (elephant, eagle, elk)! Have an electric day a2zing!

  3. Oh wow, those leaf dye prints look especially beautiful!

    Believe In Fairy Stories: Theme - Folklore & Fairy Tales

  4. Beautiful. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. Those are really beautiful. I have mad some natural dyes before. We died Easter Eggs several years ago and I remember dying some cheese cloth with tea.

    Finding Eliza

  6. Cool! My wife would love this.

  7. Hi Linda. This post reminded of a class I took a couple of years ago to use natural dyes to paint with. We used dried hibiscus flowers and beetroot, too. The results were fascinating.Like the dried leaves picture.


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