Friday, April 28, 2017

X-Acto knives A to Z Challenge Can't Do Without 'em

In book binding, box making, & other paper arts exact cutting is mandatory for good results. 
A sharp blade, steady hand, not to mention a cork backed ruler, maybe a square edge of some sort, makes life in the studio so much better. X-Acto knives are in every artists bag of tricks.

Over time & on the suggestion of different instructors I've accumulated a variety of
 tools for cutting. The one above is my current favorite. 

This baby has been with me for years & it's a work horse. 
I use it on heavy book board, paper, even fabric at times.
You can find one in any man cave. 
This one is mine!

This was recommended for trimming leather. I haven't been able to make friends 
with it yet. I'll work on it.

My "X" for this years A to Z Challenge was easy. 
Nice of the brand to start their products with an X.


  1. I used to make my own cards and envelopes and bought a knife similar to the one in your first photo. I always made sure it was well out of reach of the children (and now, grandchildren). Of course we also have a heavy duty box cutter... handy for cutting down boxes to fit into the recycle bin.

    Great X post!

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: Xiaolongbao

  2. I have an X-acto knife similar to that third one, but it is now sticking when I try to close it. Time for a new one I guess.


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