Saturday, April 8, 2017

Graphite A to Z Challenge

A few of the pencils that hang around my table for quick access.

G is for Graphite

So many leads for so many applications. Woodless pencils like these go with me 
when I travel for quick sketch. The 9B is my favorite. 
Nice dark lines that smudge easily for shading. 

This was done entirely with the 9B

 A test done in my journal of all the different pencils in my arsenal. 

This pencil in new for me & I love it! There are  even several  YouTube videos of this pencil  about it's virtues. I think these people have too much time on their hands. Pick up the pencil & draw with it!

These luscious blocks of graphite in subtle colors can make large marks 
and do wonderful things when added to a wet surface.

Do you have a favorite writing or sketching tool? Would love to hear what it is.


  1. Currently my 2B pencil is the favorite. I am trying to learn how to handle charcoal sticks as well.

  2. Sometimes I think that pencils are the best invention ever.

    Eva - Mail Adventures

  3. The simple pencil is amazingly versatile.

    Phillip | G is for Gnome Calendar

  4. If I'm doing my 11x9" fashion sketches, I like the black Prismacolor double tip Brush Marker. Can get nice line quality with it and it scans well.
    I'm using it on my initial shoe sketches for my A-Z Challenge:

    For everyday sketching (and writing) I like the Uniball Vision Elite. So smooth.

    When I use a pencil, I prefer using leads in a lead holder. I use the Steadler holder and whatever B lead I can find, the softer, the better! I dislike stopping to sharpen.

    (Found you through your comment on Mail Adventure's G post!)


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