Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Iphoneography A to Z Challenge

I find myself using my phone to take pictures almost exclusively these days. With apps & some education you can get amazing results.

Last winter I signed up for an online class, My Still Sunday, that I absolutely loved with Kim Klassen.  I spent  16 Sundays last winter (winter is long in Northern Michigan) learning about set up for still life photography, composition, & editing.  Finding props around the house was lots of fun as well. Editing on my phone has become second nature. The 3 above are mine from the class.

 I ran across Susan Tuttle through another avenue then saw this class & had to give it a shot, no pun intended. I'm still working my way through, but it takes what you can do with  your phone & apps to a new level.
 This is mine from the first lesson. A blending of 5 different photos plus some texture apps. 
Lots to learn & absorb.

 The need to push myself is apparent.Online classes are a great way to create some urgency 
& follow through.

 Nicki Fitz-Gerald is another artist I admire.   This YouTube video is about shooting macro shots 
with your iPhone.  I am doing a self directed class of hers as well.
 She also does wonderful abstract digital art

 I took these 2 with the little lens she is using in the video. 

 So many possibilities these days with digital photography. No film, no worries about experimenting.

Who is hooked on Instagram?


  1. WOW, WOW and WOW. I love your photography. It is hard to believe that these were all take with a smart phone (I do believe you and they are incredible). The still lifes are stunning. Accolades to you Linda. You have a good eye and a gift to go with it. Lovely post. Visiting from A-Z Challenge. :) Linda

    1. Oh man, thanks for the peek & rave review! Snuck over to your blog, great thoughts. Bleeding Cowboys happens to be one of my favorite fonts. I'll be back to visit.

  2. The one you say you did from the first lesson with the blending of other photos is my favorite! This A to Z Challenge and seeing all the great blogs with iPhone photography has really changed my view about what people can do with photography on their phone. How cool is technology!

    1. Glad you liked the class. Have I have lots to learn yet & lots of playing to do.

  3. TOTAL IG addict. Find me at @annembray

    Have produced two bodies of exhibited work from an iPhone app called Waterlogue.
    It turns your photos into lovely watercolors. (iOS only)
    My A-Z Trucks utilizes it:
    I will have these printed 7x5" on aluminum and am exhibiting them mid-July this year.

    TinyPlanets is another fun app. Bends photos into circles.

    1. Thanks for sharing! You are a busy lady, I took a strool through your many persona. Glad you stopped by my humble little world.

  4. Those are great iPhone shots! Did you need a special lens attachment to do macro with your phone?

    I have an iPhone but I would be embarrassed to show you my photos. It seems I only remember to use it when I need a picture of a label so I can send it to my husband when he picks up groceries. ("This is what to look for...").

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
    Food in Film: Ice Cream

    1. The lens is an Olloclip. Amazing huh? Keep the Food/Film coming.
      T for Toast in 5 Easy Pieces? Classic Jack Nicholson.

  5. You've taken some beautiful images with your iphone!

    With Love,

  6. Those pictures are amazing! I find it hard to believe they're taken from an iPhone!

    I is for If #AtoZChallenge  - http://wp.me/p11TpU-Le

  7. Your photography is amazing! The still photos, the combination of photos into one, the macros...everything is so creative, crisp, and beautiful! Very inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much. It's fun to have a great camera with you all the time & be able to do so much with it.


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